While I was in London, I joined an AirBnB Experience for Shoreditch. It was very nice to spend some time with a local Londoner. Here is the link to the experience I did. The host was very lovely and knowledgeable! Definitely recommend the experience! Shoreditch AirBnb Experience


Now. let’s see some of the amazing wall art/graffiti. Street Art is such an amazing way to express yourself, sometimes as a designer (being in corporate and commercial) I often forget that plain simple art is about expressing yourself. I also wish I could draw like this, we really have to give more respect to artists around the world!


I highly suggest you go to Shoreditch, even though people may now said it is also filled with tourists. I have to say it definitely has it’s own characteristics. The culture, the art, and the food of course, it is a bit rough on the edges, but thats part of Shoreditch.