Lamma Island is one of the very few fishing villages left in Hong Kong. Even though I said “village”, it is definitely bigger than what you are thinking.

It is quite interesting as it has a mixture of local residents, but also the expatriates are growing too. One of the reasons is you get a way bigger space compared to living on the main island of Hong Kong and it is also only 20 minutes ferry ride away from the hustle of Central. So it is relatively convenient except the occasional typhoons that happens in Hong Kong that could possibly affect you way home.

Lamma Island is quite a nice day trip away from the hustle and bustle.
Getting there is easy, there’s 2 main piers at Lamma Island (Yung Shue Wan & Sok Kwu Wan) which you can go from at Central Pier (Pier 4).

Below is how much it would cost for the ferry ride, they are quite reasonable for a family day out.
Central to Yung Shue Wan/ Sok Kwu Wan
Monday to Saturday (Adult) - HKD 17.80
Sunday / P.H (Adult) - HKD 24.70

Click Here for full ferry timetable.

Most people will use their Octopus Card (transportation card) to pay when they go through the gate but you can also buy tickets when you get to the pier counter.

Now, which pier are you going to take?
If you want a hike in it as well, then I would suggest to take the ferry to Yung Shue Wan. You can disembarked the ferry there, stroll around the town a bit then start the light hike. It is really a light hike, it is about 4km to the other side of Lamma Island (Sok Kwu Wan pier). Along the hike you will see nice scenery, temples, and taste the local dessert “tofu pudding”.

Once you get to Sok Kwu Wan, it is smaller but filled with seafood restaurants, where you can enjoy a nice seafood late lunch or early dinner before heading back to the city from Sok Kwu Wan, or you can do it the other way round too. That’s the great thing about Lamma Island, you can get to and back from both their piers.

Restaurants to try

Most of their seafood restaurants are pretty good since they get their supplies right there being a fishing village and all.

Rainbow Seafood Restaurant - One of the largest seafood restaurant in Lamma Island. They have a lot of different set menus to choose from, or you can also order individually off their main menu. The other benefit of eating at Rainbow is they provide free boat rides back to Central.
Tips: They provide free rides back to Central or TST Piers if you eat there, one of the reasons why I usually go there as well.

Bookworm Cafe - I always tend to drop by this cafe even just for a takeaway coffee for my hike. It is very hipster, quite popular nowadays. They serve vegetarian friendly food as well for those vegetarians out there.



Bookworm cafe is a nice place to chill before you start your hike.

Would definitely recommend Lamma Island for a nice day out with family and friends. Plus you get a workout from it too. You will still see some “Old - Hong Kong” while you explore Lamma Island.

I love my coconut… 🥥 🌴

I love my coconut… 🥥 🌴