Dreaming in Osaka.

Dreaming in Osaka.

Born in Malaysia, raised in New Zealand and currently reside in Hong Kong.

Now, where do I start…?

I am a full time designer, but I’ve multiple ideas on the side to start my own side hustle, that involves the typical selling and reselling fashion items online, freelance photography (even tho it was part of my job too), create an etsy shop that sells stationary etc.

Being able to document my travels and passion for food is another part of me. And this is how this blog started. It took me a while, but one of my good friend which is also an amazing blogger Vikki (http://www.vikkipedia.org/) pushes me to do this too!

Now I would love to show my journey through this platform and also be able to provide with good information to everyone who is passionate about traveling and food!

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